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  • Human Brain's Ultimate Barrier to Open for First Time
    It's neuroscience's final frontier. Tiny bubbles will open the blood-brain barrier to sneak drugs into tumours – and we might treat Alzheimer's the same way...
  • Immune-Boosting Drug Shows Promise against Lung Cancer
    Cancer has one less place to hide. A drug that stops tumours camouflaging themselves from the immune system appears to significantly boost survival...
  • Limb Regeneration: Do Salamanders Hold the Key?
    The secret of how salamanders successfully regrow body parts is being unravelled by researchers in a bid to apply it to humans.....
  • Equations Reveal Rebellious Rhythms at the Heart of Nature
    Physicists are using equations to reveal the hidden complexities of the human body. From the beating of our hearts to the proper....
  • Connections in Children's Brains Strengthen During Sleep
    While young children sleep, connections between the left and the right hemispheres of their brain strengthen, which may help brain ...
  • 8 Creatures That Live in Thin Air
    Scientists recently documented how migrating bar-headed geese could fly over the Himalayas at an altitude of up to almost 24,000 ....
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